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Three Wire and Four Wire Condenser Fan Motor Wiring Guide

Posted by Craig Bagdon on Jun 1st 2017

Learn How-To Wire Condenser Fan Motors Properly In 3-Wire & 4-Wire Configurations “My original condenser fan motor has three wires and the replacement condenser fan motor that I bought has four w … read more

How-to: Selecting the Correct Condenser Fan Blade

Posted by Craig Bagdon on May 15th 2017

How-To: Tackle Condenser Fan Blade Replacement When replacing a condenser fan motor, it’s always advised to replace the condenser fan blade also. Here’s the reason why – condenser fan motors c … read more

A Residential HVAC Cooling Season Preparation Guide

Posted by Craig Bagdon on May 2nd 2017

Residential HVAC De-Mystified: The Practical HVAC Cooling-Season Preparation GuideHow-To Get Those AC'S Bumping With Ice-Cold Air Before the Heat Overwhelms Your Home The thermometer reached 75 this … read more

5KCP39 Motors | The How-To Guide on Replacing 5KCP39 Motors

Posted by Craig Bagdon on Dec 3rd 2015

5KCP39 HVAC Motors - Likely The Most Common Line of HVAC Motors Used TodayWe've seen thousands of condenser fan & direct-drive furnace blower motors w/ model numbers prefixed by 5KCP39Before we be … read more