Packard PVL3012 2.87" OD 1/2" Bore Variable Pitch Single Groove Pulley

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Product Description

The Packard PVL3012 is a variable pitch single groove pulley with a 2.87" outside diameter and a 1/2" bore diameter. The Packard PVL3012 is part of Packard's PVL line of light duty pulleys for 3L, 4L, 5L, A, and B v-belts. The Packard PVL variable pitch single groove pulleys are adjustable based on the needed air flow or speed requirement. These pulleys are furnished with standard keyways and hollow head set screws.

Technical specifications

Pulley Type


Outside Diameter


Bore Diameter


3L Min Pitch


3L Min Turns Open


3L Max Pitch


3L Max Turns Open


4L Min Datum


4L Min Turns Open


4L Max Datum


4L Max Turns Open


5L Min Datum


5L Min Turns Open


5L Max Datum


5L Max Turns Open


Browning Comparable


DEM Reference


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