CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers

Find CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers to protect your motor bearings from damaging variable frequency drive frequencies.

What are CoolBlue Rings?

CoolBlue Inductive Absorbers act as a common mode choke in order to stop harmful frequencies from damaging motor beaings. The CoolBlue Rings can be used to prevent premature failure for motor bearings on VFD applications. They are an easy install and zero maintenance solution for your variable frequency drives.

How to choose the correct CoolBlue Rings for your motors: 

It's important for you to understand which CoolBlue Rings your need for your specific application. To esnure that you have the proper bearing protection, we've created this guide to help you select your CoolBlue Rings: 

How to select the correct CoolBlue Rings for your VFDs