5KCP39 Motors | How to Find a Replacement for 5KCP39 Motors

Posted by Dreisilker Electric Motors on Sep 7th 2022

5KCP39 HVAC Motors - Likely The Most Common Line of HVAC Motors Used Today

We've seen thousands of condenser fan & direct-drive furnace blower motors w/ model numbers prefixed by 5KCP39 or 5KCP29

Before we begin - it's important to note that GE no longer makes fractional horsepower single phase HVAC motors, they're now manufactured by Genteq. Genteq is a division of Regal Beloit Corporation (RBC) and RBC also owns Century, Fasco, Leeson, Marathon, and many other brands of motors.

Let's break down the model number. The 5 in the 5KCP39 indicates that the model number belongs to a rotating device - a motor. The KCP in the 5KCP39 indicates that the rotating device is a Permanent-Split Capacitor type of motor. The 39 in the 5KCP39 indicates that the rotating device is a 48 frame motor.

So, what's a Permanent-Split Capacitor motor? The two most common single phase HVAC motors are Shaded-Pole (SP) and Permanent-Split Capacitor (PSC). PSC motors have an attached run capacitor -- which provides greater start-up torque and makes it more efficient than a SP motor. PSC usually have around have the amp draw as a SP motor with matching HP, RPM and input voltage.

What's a 48 frame motor? 48 is a NEMA -- National Electrical Manufacturers Association -- standard. All 48 frame motors have a 1/2" diameter shaft and a 5-1/2" diameter body. It doesn't matter if the motor is a Fasco, Century, Marathon, Genteq, Emerson or any other brand. A 48 frame is a 48 frame. 

An example nameplate of a 5KCP Motor:

Note it's important to have ALL of the information. When you are crossing a motor, you need to have 13 letters/numbers (scene in yellow below on the left). It can also be helpful to utilize the "stock no" as shown below.

Let us do the hard part. Send us your information and we'll find the correct 5KCP motor for you. 

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Here are some cross referenced 5KCP39 and 5KCP29 motors for you:

5KCP # Cross Reference
5KCP290K941AS IEC-715348-04
5KCP29BCA010AS 9724
5KCP29BCA427S 9724
5KCP29BK6366S IEC-705563-26
5KCP29BK6777S IEC-700215-16
5KCP29CK6365S IEC-705563-27
5KCP29DK6010AS IEC-705563-01
5KCP29DK6774S IEC-700215-17
5KCP29EC4426S 9723
5KCP29ECA033S 9723
5KCP29ECA321S 9723
5KCP29FK6011S IEC-705563-02
5KCP29FK6012S IEC-705563-03
5KCP29FK6480AS IEC-705563-30
5KCP29HK6013S IEC-705563-04
5KCP29JCA327S 9723
5KCP29MK6014S IEC-705563-05
5KCPEK6024S IEC-705563-15
E5KCP29EGB310AS IEC-715348-04

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