Direct Drive Blower Motors

About Direct Drive Blower Motors

What's a 5.6" Direct Drive Blower Motor?

Simply put - this is the motor that takes the heated air from your furnace or cooled air from your air conditioner and distributes it throughout your house.

How Do I Select the Right Motor?

First and foremost - all of the motors on this page have a 5-1/2" diameter body with a 1/2" diameter shaft. If that sounds like the motor that you're replacing, then it's just a matter of matching up your motor's HP, RPM, and input voltage and you should be good to go.

What Else Do I Need?

Most motors fail because their bearings fail - bearings fail because the blower wheel is out of balance. We highly recommend replacing the blower wheel when replacing a blower motor. We also recommend replacing the motor's capacitor. Motors are rated for specific run capacitors - so, it's critical that you're using a capacitor with a microfarad rating matching that of your motor.

Many OEM direct drive blower motors have what's called a torsion flex mount - the 3 or 4 legs coming off the motor at 45 degrees. Most replacement motors don't have these welded legs, so you need to use what's called a belly band -- more specifically the FM55 or FM554.

Everything Else

We deal with motors everyday - we've been doing this a long time. If you need help finding the right motor or need us to cross reference a part number, just give us a call at 866-698-3316.